UPDATE: 'Che' Premiere at UM Postponed, Not Canceled

Last month, a feisty Cuban-American protest erupted outside the Miami Beach premiere of Stephen Soderbergh's new four-hour epic about Che Guevara.

In an interview with the New Times the next day, Soderbergh laughed off the hubub as the cost of doing business in the heart of Cuban nationalism, saying "You can't not show a movie about Che (in Miami)."

No one told the University of Miami, apparently. The U has canceled a public premiere for the movie scheduled for next Friday at the School of Communication's Cosford Cinema, according to Renu Kirpalani, a publicist for the film.

UPDATE: The 'Che' premiere at the Cosford Cinema has been delayed, not canceled, says Melissa Rubi, a spokeswoman for the theater. The film's distributor couldn't get the movie to Miami until the week of the 23rd, Rubi says, so "Che" will play from the 23 - 27 at the Cosford.

"This was 100 percent a distributor issue," Rubi tells Riptide.

Anyone interested in the epic (highly recommended by Riptide, if you're into Latin American politics or history) -- or anyone interested in mounting a noisy protest outside the theater -- should check out the Cosford's website later this week for updated show times. Miami Beach Cinematheque will also show "Che" on Jan. 23.

-- Tim Elfrink

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