Twitter Really Enjoyed Watching the Canes Get Destroyed by LSU
Photo by Christina Mendenhall

Twitter Really Enjoyed Watching the Canes Get Destroyed by LSU

Penalties, turnovers, botched punts, and an inability to make any sort of big plays: These are just a few of the reasons the Miami Hurricanes were absolutely pantsed by the LSU Tigers for three quarters last night, only to make the score look respectable with a frantic fourth-quarter comeback that fell well short.

After the 33-17 beatdown, the Hurricanes are now 0-1 to start the 2018 season. That's not exactly the greatest start to a campaign that both fans and the national media were hyped on.

For a long, long time, last night's season opener was bad for UM. Actually, it was much worse than the final score indicates. At one point, the Canes were down 33-3. A late fury of garbage time heaves against an LSU team that just wanted to run out the clock was the only thing that helped the Hurricanes save some dignity. By the time Miami slapped themselves in the face and figured out LSU's defense, it was too late.

Miami entered Sunday night's primetime season opener looking to build on last season's success. Ranked eighth in the nation coming into the game, it wasn't out of the question that a good start to the season would place the Canes in solid positioning for a college football playoff spot. A win over a 25th-ranked SEC team would have gone a long way in giving them a much easier path than they saw last year when they had to claw their way from unranked toward the top ten.

Unfortunately, none of that happened last night. The Canes got their asses kicked. And as you may have expected, the internet took much pleasure in making fun of a team that no one outside of Miami wants to see succeed.

The good news for Hurricanes fans is that the season isn't over. Miami plays Savannah State next weekend in their home season opener, where things are guaranteed to go better than they did last night in Dallas. And Miami can still win the ACC and make some national noise.

But yeah, that's all bullshit. When you get blown out on national television in your first game of the season, your title hopes are a wrap. At Miami, that's all that matters. Every other season result is forgettable.

On the bright side, there are likely to be some changes in Miami now, starting with the quarterback.

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