University of Miami Football Team Advertising For "Any Student That Is At Least 6'1 And 230+ Pounds"

Is this a sign of a University of Miami football apocalypse? The Hurricanes are are posting fliers around the school Wellness Center, asking "any student that is at least 6'1 and 230+ pounds" to contact the team about becoming offensive linemen.

We gotta say, this does not strike us as Division-1 behavior.

This photo was first posted on the Facebook page for The U, Rakontur's documentary about the team.

Hurricanes fans-- already battered by Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro's explosive tales of sex parties and bribes, and the team's very mediocre 2011-- responded like Chicken Little.

A smattering of responses:

Oh how the mighty have fallen. lol Good luck with this.

‎?.....what happened to us! this is embarrising take it down!!

This has to be a fuckin joke!!! SMH!!

This is horrible

This one, by an older pudgy man, has a nice tinge of optimism:

I have the 230 lbs locked. Now if I can only grow another four inches...

The flier is definitely real. "We are in the market for some walk on prospects," emailed Matthew Applebaum, the video assistant whose email address is listed on the flier. He seemed a bit rankled when I told him this was how my school filled its football team-- and I went to a small Quaker school in Indiana. His reply:

We are not looking to fill our team. We are just trying to find a couple of walk on prospects and specifically offensive lineman. If we did not put size qualifications we would get the wrong kind of responses. We are not expecting or banking on finding a great gem necessarily, as much as we are hoping to find maybe one kid that has the right size and can help our program.

Tom Deahn, UM's director of football operations, also insisted that recruiting by fliers does not mean UM doom. "We used to do that at Maryland and Temple," Deahn told me. "We're just trying to find linemen walk-ons. You get all the skilled guys the traditional way, and you fill your other needs this way."

In fact, says Deahn, this just shows how head coach Al Golden-- who succeeded Randy Shannon in December 2010-- is thinking outside the box.

"They never really worked to hard for their walk-ons," says Deahn of Shannon's regime. "Coach Golden's philosophy is you're only as good as your worst guy. If you don't have enough big bodies, you've got a problem."

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