Uncle Luke vs. Vicious Sid

Miami New Times columnist Luther Campbell has launched a twitter war against WQAM sports talk personality Sid Rosenberg, whose controversial on-the-air antics put him on an even playing field against the nastiest rapper to ever get his own column. The two men could square off later today. Campbell has been tweeting back and forth with Rosenberg's producer Vic Bermudez about going on the show at 5:30 p.m.

The beef started when Uncle Luke singled out Rosenberg's criticism of Randy Shannon in his online column defending the Miami Hurricanes football head coach. Rosenberg -- who's also been a favorite target of The Daily Pulp -- took the bait, trashing Campbell and Miami New Times on his show and his Twitter feed.

The following morning, Campbell went on 790 The Ticket with Jorge Sedano, telling the host that Rosenberg better be careful since "I write for Miami New Times, don't make it personal because they will find out who your coke dealer is or who your boyfriend is, if you're a man."

After wrapping up his interview with Sedano, our columnist spent most of the day bashing Rosenberg on his twitter feed. Here is our favorite:

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