Canes Aren't Getting Respect, but Beating Virginia Tech Would Change That
Christina Mendenhall

Canes Aren't Getting Respect, but Beating Virginia Tech Would Change That

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee doesn't respect the Miami Hurricanes. UM fans know this for a fact after the undefeated Canes were slotted only tenth in the committee's initial playoff rankings. Even though the Canes are one of only five undefeated teams in college football, the decisive championship rankings place Miami behind six one-loss teams. UM will need help to make the four-team playoffs in January.

So why did the committee overlook the Canes, who are now ranked sixth in the Coaches Poll and ninth in the AP Poll? It says UM has been "less challenged" than some of the teams ahead of it, which is basically just a really nice way of saying, "You've beaten no one good, and we don't believe you're for real."

But there's good news: This weekend, the Canes will get their first chance to stiff-arm the hatin'-ass committee when they defeat number 13 Virginia Tech, which is 7-1. Once that happens, the (misguided and provably false) excuse that Miami's resumé is somehow less impressive than teams ranked ahead of it gets stomped into the ground by a twisting Hurricanes-colored Adidas cleat.

There will be no more hiding behind the false narrative that the Canes have coasted their way back into college-football relevance. A win over a quality opponent would end that talk. And when that win happens this Saturday night in a primetime game, the entire nation can get a look at the new Canes, who have decidedly changed just about everything since outsiders last checked in on them.

What has most frustrated Hurricanes fans is that Miami hasn't had a cakewalk this season. Ian Hest, a UM grad and sports anchor, has made it his mission to shoot down this narrative via cold, hard facts daily on Twitter.

Looks can be deceiving. The idea that the Canes have had an easy path through November is clearly BS, but it's also incorrect to say the Canes have had a lot of trouble with inferior teams. The truth of the matter is, not only should the committee not judge schedules based on brand names (every SEC school is great!), but also they shouldn't scoreboard-watch, because many times the final score doesn't tell the entire story.

What should make anyone rooting for the Hurricanes sleep well at night, though, is this reassuring factoid: If Miami beats Virginia Tech this weekend, prevails against Notre Dame next weekend, and wins the ACC title game, there will be no keeping the Canes out of the dance. They will have punched their ticket in the top four.

Still, it sucks to be disrespected. This weekend, the Hurricanes will make sure that doesn't happen anymore.

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