UM Has A-Rod By His Steroid Shriveled Balls. Why Don't They Do Anything?

Whoever runs PR for the University of Miami Athletics Department should either be fired, or is having a hard time convincing higher-ups that they're being total idiots.

Even after Alex Rodriguez has admitted to using performance enhancing drugs, the University of Miami sees no reason, no reason whatsoever, to rethink renaming their baseball field after the man. We already grumbled about the blatant hypocrisy of this yesterday, and the stories keep coming. Today the New York Daily News reports that UM Alumni are none too pleased that the school is going forward with the renaming.

A-Rod is in no position to play hardball right now, so why doesn't UM sit down his people and explain very tactfully, "Listen, we appreciate the $3.9 million you gave us and all, but maybe we should hold off on renaming this thing for a while. Let stuff cool down"?

If A-Rod isn't cool with that, if he grumbles, just leak it to the press and he looks like an asshole and backs off.

We're not saying the ballpark should never be named for the man, and we're not saying we should publicly shame him for the rest of his earthly existence. But maybe it would be best for everyone -- not to mention potential donors, sponsors and alumni -- to hold off a bit. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.