Ultra Music Festival Arrests: 12 Caught Gatecrashing, 20 Busted for MDMA

According to the T-shirts on display at Ultra this year, many concertgoers were looking for someone named "molly."

Apparently, it wasn't very difficult to find her. Miami Police arrested 20 people at the music festival for selling or possessing MDMA, commonly known as molly. That's according to a summary of arrests just released to Riptide by the Miami Police Department.

They also caught a dozen gatecrashers, although none appears to be connected to the trampling of security guard Erica Mack.

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In all, cops made 84 arrests during the three-day event, ejecting eight from downtown's Bayfront Park. (That's roughly in line with tallies from past years, and as usual, not a huge number considering the size of the crowds at the massive EDM party.)

Of the 54 misdemeanor arrests, 17 were for selling (legal items) without a license, 12 were for trespassing (gatecrashing), ten were for disorderly conduct or intoxication, and eight were for pot possession.

Of the 30 felonies, two-thirds were for MDMA. Eighteen people were arrested for possessing the drug, and two were caught selling it.

Despite some viral Twitter photos to the contrary, snorting cocaine at Ultra is apparently cliché: Only one person was busted for blow this year.

Whether because of drugs or dance injuries, at least 65 Ultra-goers were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. That number of trauma cases is roughly in line with previous years, around 20 per day, according to a JMH spokesman.

Seven people were in bad enough shape to be admitted to JMH. Five of those cases were for drug or alcohol overdoses, and three of the ODs were so life-threatening that the patients had to be intubated.

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One of the other two people admitted was Mack, the 28-year-old security guard trampled by gatecrashers on Ultra's opening night. She has since been released from the hospital but could not be reached for comment about her recovery.

Thankfully, no concertgoers died at Jackson this year. But 21-year-old Ultra attendee Adonis Escoto was found dead in his car during the festival. The cause of his death has not yet been determined.

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