UF Student Paper "Accidentally" Calls Sorority Recruits Hoes

The Independent Florida Alligator, the fine student paper of the University of Florida, decided that the phrase "sorority girl" and "ho" are pretty much interchangeable in their lead story on Wednesday. They claim they weren't intentionally expressing what all journalism student geeks actually think. They say it was a typo. Are they sure it wasn't at least a Freudian slip?

"The Delta Gamma girls wore sailor caps, and the Alpha Epsilon Phi ho wore similar green and white ones," read the paper's print edition [emphasis ours]. The gaff came midway in a front page story about the school's Sorority bid day (apparently, this is front page news even by student paper standards.)

Romenensko explains:

It was supposed to say "hopefuls," but "when we're typing and the computers freeze, sometimes it takes so long to unfreeze that we completely forget what we were trying to do when it froze," explains the editor.

All typo related stories on Riptide come with the disclosure, that yes, our computers have a habit of "freezing" and then "we completely forgot what we were trying to do" from time to time, but this is too good to pass up.

[Romenesko via Gawker]

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