UF Fans Can't Let Tebow Go: Introducing the Horrible BroncoGator Beast

University of Florida fans, so distraught over losing their beloved savior Timothy Tebow to the NFL's Denver Broncos, apparently traveled to a hidden island floating far away in the ocean: the Island of Dr. Moreau (the crappy Val Kilmer version, not the Burt Lancaster version, obviously).

They took a lock of Tebow's hair, a tiny slice of Albert the Alligator's tail, and a tendril of Miles the Bronco's mane and asked Dr. Moreau to create a horrible, ungodly hybrid. After hours in the lab, he came back with the BroncoGator, a terribly confused beast. Half-horse, half-reptile, and 100 percent slightly annoying for reasons you can't quite put your finger on. The beast was so horrid that Moreau thought about aborting it, but Gator fans knew Tebow would be totally against that.

Now a man named Ed Marlow is selling T-shirts and other paraphernalia featuring the mark of the beast on a website.

"It was right after the 25th selection in the first round. A friend and I were talking and said, 'Well, all right. Now we're Broncos fans,' " Marlow told ESPN. "That was the inception. Right at that moment. Like 90 seconds after the pick."

It is a good thing Tebow did not get drafted to the Dolphins, or else we'd probably be dealing with an even more horrid beast that looked something like this:

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