Two Miami Men Picked Up for Pickup Hunting

For some hunters, it is never really about the catch. It's about being one with nature, trekking through the wilderness, the thrill of the hunt, and the bond formed with your fellow hunters. For others, it really is just about killing things. So much so, that driving up and down a major road looking for deer to shoot is considered hunting. 

Collier County sheriff's deputies say that's just what two Miami men -- Alberto Y. Martinez, 32, and Yordano Sanchez, 18 -- were doing.

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The two packed up their Chevy pickup truck with two 12-gauge shotguns, their dog, and some hunting mags and headed across the Everglades to Collier County. 

A deputy caught the pair shining lights, including a spotlight and their headlights, into a cow pasture well known for wild game activity off Immokalee Road. The two said they were just scouting places to hunt, even though it was dark out. The deputy decided they were actually doing some straight-out-of-the-pickup-truck hunting. Apparently that, in and of itself, is just fine, but hunting turkey or deer with a light or gun is against state law.

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