Two-Headed Bright Orange Snake Born in Florida

Most WTF Florida entries on this blog have to do with the stupider fellow Sunshine State Citizens, but snakes often do their part to increase the state's strange news rep (remember last weeks python/deer fiasco?). 

Now a brightly orange colored snake has been born in the state with two heads. 

University of Central Florida field biologist Daniel Parker says the snake was born last week after being hatched in an incubator. The egg was laid by an albino Honduran milk snake, which makes the snake even rarer since most polycephalic snakes have standard coloring.

"This might be the most beautiful two-headed snake that has ever existed," Parker told WKMG.

Each of the snake's two heads has its own brain, and both brains control the body.

While two-headed snakes don't typically live long in the wild, they've been documented living in captivity for up to twenty years.

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Kyle Munzenrieder