Two Family Members Dead, Two Injured in Horrific Domestic Rampage in West Perrine

Miami-Dade Police are still trying to figure out what happened yesterday afternoon that sent two members of a family to the hospital and another two to their graves. Police arrived to the scene at 5940 SW 103rd Place at about 4 p.m. yesterday to find a man and a woman dead, and another man and woman injured. All four were related.

A suspect was arrested trying to escape in a speeding car.

"We know that he did flee and ended up at another location where he was taken into custody," Miami-Dade Police spokesperson Robin Pinkard told NBC Miami.

It's unclear if the victims were shot or if they had been run over. Gunfire was reported, but neighbors reported that they saw a car run over the victims.

"I just hear the sound of wheels spinning of a truck and crashing, a few times," neighbor Carlos Carbonell told NBC Miami. "I saw it running (over) once. But my neighbor who was close, he told me he saw the car hitting a woman, more than once," Carbonell said. "It was violent, it was violent."

The home also suffered serious damage. Part of the living room wall had been smashed in, and a metal gate had been run over.

"I saw two people, just screaming, screaming, 'Oh my God, oh my God, call 911,'" an unidentified female neighbor told WSVN, "and I saw two people laying on the ground not moving, not one bit; and I saw two fences totally destroyed."

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect or the victims.

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