Two Canes Football Players Arrested for Standing in Middle of Miami Beach Road

Trevor Darling and Jahair Jones, two offensive lineman for the University of Miami Hurricanes football team, found themselves behind bars last night for the dumbest reason. The two were basically standing in the middle of the road and were arrested after refusing orders from police to get out of the road several times. 

The incident happened around 7:35 last night. According to the arrest affidavits, the two were standing right in the middle of the 100 block of Eighth Street in Miami Beach and impeding traffic, police say. That's right off Ocean Drive next to the Wet Willie's. 

University of Miami students are on spring break this week, and South Beach, particularly the area of Ocean Drive, is a hot spot for partiers. 

"The defendants were given orders to remove themselves from the roadway,’’ reads one of the reports. “The defendant and co-defendant refused to move and completely ignored the sergeant’s commands to move on seven occasions." 

The pair's official charge was resisting arrest without violence. 

Both later admitted they had refused to move despite numerous warnings. 

"Once in custody, the defendant acknowledged he was being asked to move," the report states. "Yet he refused to move several times after he [was] ordered several times by uniform." 

Darling, 20, is a Miami native who is the team's starting left tackle. 

Jones, 19, is a recent transfer and will redshirt for the team as a sophomore next season. 

Both have been released on $1,000 bond. 

Two Canes refusing to get out of the middle of the road might not be the best sign for a team that, under new coach Mark Richt, is expected to get out of the middle of the ACC pack next season.

But all things considered, these are probably two of the least troubling arrests in Miami Hurricanes history. 

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