Twitter's New Recruitment Video Looks More Like a Movie Trailer

Twitter looks like an amazing place to work. The social media giant requires you to surf the web, sit in on power meetings with Kanye West which turn into impromptu performances during lunch hours, and as evidenced by their latest recruitment video, they have a slew of during and after work activities. 

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Wes Anderson should be extremely flattered. The folks over at Twitter have decided to take to Social Media in their latest attempt to hunt new recruits for their Headquarters in San Francisco.

Labeling it "Meet the Class of Twitter HQ," the YouTube video looks like it was pulled straight out of Anderson's cult classic Rushmore, and makes working at Twitter look even more enticing.

Even their day-to-day work activities look exciting in the video, making the company look like a family, and even the most menial tasks look exciting -- do people really pile up in cheerleading towers for user support?

Among the engaging daily tasks, you'll find "mobile," "research," and "infrastructure," along with several pop culture references like to The Office's "Finer Things Club," morning "Tweet Feet" runs, and gardening, what we think is obviously an inside joke. Twitter really has a sense of humor, and that video would make any tech geek want to work for them -- too bad they're based in California.

Twitter has dozens of open positions to fill, including engineers, designers, and analysts. You can follow their recruiting process, and see live tweets from newly-hired Tweeps at @JoinTheFlock.

See Kanye's performance at Twitter (filmed by a Twitter employee), Twitter's Recruitment video, and the source of their inspiration below, and tell us, would you want to work there?

Kanye West visits Twitter

Twitter's Latest Recruitment Video

The Trailer for Wes Anderson's Rushmore

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