Tweets of the Week: When LeBron Met Nicki Minaj

Everyone has a Twitter these days, so it's hard to keep up. Luckily for you Riptide has decided to start chronicling the best Miami-related Tweets each week. Of course, we're not even up on all of Twitter. So if you think there's a local VIP whose account we need to keep an eye on or just a really hilarious Miami-related tweet we missed be sure to let us know by email or in the comments.

Anyway, this week we start the endeavor off with the meeting of two superstars, and reaction to Randy Shannon's decision to have the 'Canes delete their Twitters.

​We will be forever envious that LeBron James got to meet our favorite insane verse droppin', stuffed animal losin' rapper Nicki Minaj at Jay-Z's insane concert at Yankee Stadium.

​It takes real swagger to turn the 'Canes new anti-Twitter stance into a swipe at the Gators like The U director Billy Corben did.

We don't have sceencaps, but Miami QB Jacory Harris offered up his final tweets before deleting his account:

Since we have to now get off of Twitter, I think it's only right if I say a few things. To the real University of Miami fans we just want to

Apologize for what happened last Saturday. Through the good and bad times you guys stick with us through everything.It's greatly appreciated

To the fans that's here only when things go right. Thank you. We loved you while you were here. Just know if everything goes as planned

Don't come back. With that being said.......God Bless you! Negative or positive. I'm out!!

Glittery pop demon Adam Lambert continues to give his side of the assault charges. Oh, he also really, really likes the Raleigh.

​Musician and Crossfade contributer Jose Flores wandered into Broward for some reason, but mostly we're including him for having the best Twitter background we've seen.

Damn, we love Pepito.

​CNN anchor and Twitter addict Rick Sanchez wants to tell you how to speak.

​After Tweeting admirably about his love of ChikFilA fries last week, we kind of have to wonder if Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek isn't setting the best example in the eating healthy department.

The guy whose Twitter handle is simply "Miami" doesn't understand why people are mentioning "@Miami" all the time on Twitter.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.