Tropical Storm Grace Headed Our Way, But May Weaken
National Hurricane Center

Tropical Storm Grace Headed Our Way, But May Weaken

Tropical; Storm Grace is headed for Puerto Rico and could be in South Florida next week, the National Hurricane Center is reporting..The storm, still far out to sea, is moving west at a good clip and strengthening. It was about 685 miles west-southwest of the Republic of Cabo Verde on Monday morning. 

The good news: It is expected to weaken by Friday, when shearing winds may cut it off at the knees. Still, as we have already seen this year with Erika, storms are unpredictable. 

So far this year, storms are coming at faster clip than in recent years — Tropical Storm Fred, which preceded Grace, has dissipated after heading north. 

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At the beginning of the year,. forecasters predicted a not-too-busy year — partially because of a strong El Nino in the Pacific. Vamos, nino!

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