Transgendered Hotel Maid Accused of Groping 14-Year-Old Boy in Orlando

Vanessa Olmos, a hotel maid, allegedly attempted to fluff more than just pillows when she walked into a room of an Orlando-area Days Inn and found a 14-year-old boy alone. Police say she groped the boy, and told him "you hot" while the boy's mother was out of the room.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, the incident happened on Wednesday, the Fourth of July. While his mother had left the room to check out information on local attractions, the boy heard a knock at a door followed by the words "room service."

Olmos, 35, poked her head in the door and asked if there were any dirty towels. The boy said there weren't, and Olmos asked if he was alone. The boy replied yes, and she asked him how old he was. Then, according to what the boy told police, she asked "Can I touch?"

"Touch what?" the boy asked.

Olmos didn't answer, and just reached out and grabbed a handful of illegal bulge.

"You hot," she told the boy after he stepped back.

"You're weird," he replied, and then locked himself in the bathroom until she left.

Olmos, by the way, is legally known as Christopher Olmos. She identifies as a woman, and has been living as such since moving form Mexico.

The boy told his mother, and the front desk alerted police. The police also told police that there was no need for Olmos to inquire about dirty towels since she had already switched out towels earlier while the the mother was in the room.

Olmos denied the allegation, but was arrested on charges of battery and molestation of a minor. According to Orange County's inmate database, she was booked into jail as a black male.

[Orlando Sentinel: Male housekeeper named Vanessa accused of molesting teen boy at I-Drive hotel]

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