Toxic Tush Doc Oneal Morris to Begin Prison Sentence (in the Male Population)

Ron Oneal Morris, the transgender woman convicted of illegally pumping back-alley patients with all sorts of substances to enhance their derrières, turned herself in this morning to begin her sentence. Morris pleaded guilty last October to practicing health care without a license and was sentenced to 336 days in prison. However, she might get out earlier.

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With time served, she could be out by October.

Though Morris identifies as a woman, she will serve time with the male population. According to Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation policy, those decisions are based not on an inmate's identity, but on their genitalia.

Morris serves her time after taking a plea deal. Prosecutors were never able to prove directly that, as suspected, she had injected patients with Fix-a-Flat, and several victims were reluctant to testify.

But Morris still faces more serious charges in Broward County. A patient she allegedly treated, Shatarka Nuby, died in March after receiving years of injections from Morris. Her cause of death was listed as "massive systemic silicone migration." Morris faces manslaughter charges in that case.

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