Topless Florida Woman Who Destroyed McDonald's Tells Her Story

The surveillance video that leaked yesterday of a woman clad only in a thong rampaging through a Florida McDonald's was so bizarre we weren't even sure if it was real. Well now the woman, 41-year-old Sandra Suarez, has come forward to explain herself.

Suarez says she wasn't drunk or on drugs during the incident, but rather was suffering from a bipolar incident.

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As it turns out, the incident happened on March 24th at a McDonald's in Pinellas Park in the Tampa Bay area. According to My Fox Tampa Bay, the incident started when an employ of the restaurant turned down Suarez's offer of oral sex in the parking lot.

Enraged she then went on her now infamous topless rampage.

She was taken to a nearby hospital after police arrived, but it was determined she wasn't under the influence of any substances.

Suarez, a mother of two, told the station that she suffers from bipolar disorder and does not remember much of the incident. A Colombian immigrant who has lived in Florida for 15 years, say she may return to her home country if the internet notoriety becomes too much for her and her children to handle.

The workers who captured the surveillance video on camera and can uploaded it online are no longer employed at the McDonald's.

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