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Top Ten Sports Moments of the Year

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1. Dolphins… - The Miami Dolphins just had some bad luck this year. Mix that in with bad plays, horrible defense and offense, and you have a recipe for a team that makes it’s fans want to go out and hurt somebody. Fans rejoiced when the team won against the Baltimore Ravens. But fans must feel really crappy if all they can say at the end of all this is “well, at least they won one.”

2. University of Miami Sucked Like Never Before - At least, there is comfort in the fact that someone is being punished for the ‘Cane’s crappy defense, whether it is deserved or not. UM is firing Tim Walton, defensive coordinator. While there have been no comments from the university as to why he is being fired, we all know the reason. I wonder if changing one guy will really help?

3. The Heat: Miami Just Can’t Get a Break - Miami seems to be in a funk when it comes to sports. The heat doing slightly better than the Dolphins are doing in football, but that’s not saying much. Is it something in the water? Or did all the Miami teams get together and decide to really stick it to the fans for some unknown offense. Perk up Miami, it can only get better (at least, I hope so).

4. The Marlins Go Back to Their Old Tricks – Here’s the Marlins formula: win a series, trade everyone away, work at another series, wait a couple of years, and repeat. Oh yeah, I forgot, also add: lobby for a stadium when they can’t even keep their players. The Marlins traded away Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis for some prospects from the Detroit Tigers and here we are again, looking at a group of players that fans are not familiar with.

5. Steroid Use In MLB? It Can’t Be - We all suspected it . According to a report by George J. Mitchell, an ex-senator, 89 ball players have been connected to steroid and human growth hormone use. Fans will be outraged for a month and then they’ll forget about it. When these dudes with muscles the size of sky scrapers walk onto the field, everyone will be cheering again. I think that the only fair punishment is to have them duel like gladiators after each game, that might get them to stop injecting themselves and if it doesn’t it would still be entertaining.

6. Northwestern and Booker T. Washington Both Champions - Finally, some good news. Northwestern, ranked number one, beat Orlando Boone for the 6A championship title. Booker T. Washington won against Ponte Verde Beach Nease for the 4A championship. High school kids are playing better than the pros. Now, if we can get these players into UM’s team maybe they can win a game or two.

7. Bye, Bye Orange Bowl - The historic Orange Bowl has been demolished, but people still talk fondly of the dilapidated, steel building. It will be missed. The only thing sadder than the demolition is the fact that UM lost it’s last game there, I’d rather not mention the score.

8. Cheating Ring Implicates FSU Athletes - 20 FSU football players will likely be suspended for cheating on an online course’s test. 20 students!? Here’s a tip: if you know your buddies are getting the answers to the test along with you, stay the hell away from that cheat sheet.

9. Gators On A RollFirst, the University of Florida’s football team secures the BCS National Championship, winning over Ohio State. Then a couple of months later, they secure the NCAA Championship, again from Ohio. Ohio must really hate Florida. It’s a good thing they are so far away or we might have been invaded.

10. Sean Taylor Dies - The Redskin’s player died Nov. 27 after he was shot in his Miami home during a botched robbery attempt. Can’t make light of this one. Taylor was voted into the Pro Bowl, the list came out Dec. 18.--Elvis Ramirez

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.