Top 10 List of Whiteys Who Might Get Away With Using the N-Word

The second the N word left Dr. Laura Schlessinger's mouth on her nationally syndicated radio show last week she must have known she started another N word related crap storm. Dr. Laura doesn't have near the street cred a white person needs to get away with saying the most taboo word in race relations. Very few do. But here is a list of Whiteys who might just be able to say it loud and say it proud:

10. Eminem
He's a hugely successful rapper, hangs out with 50 Cent and Dre and grew up on the tough streets of infamous 8-Mile in Detroit. If Marshall Mathers doesn't get a pass, nobody does.

9. Bill Clinton
Considered by many to be the first black president not named OBAMA.

8. Chevy Chase
Chevy was decades ahead of his time when he said the N word on live television in the 1970s. During a Saturday Night Live skit, Chase and Richard Pryor acted as an interviewer and prospective employee, respectively. They played a game of word association in which Chase said almost every black epithet imaginable, including the N word, to an increasingly volatile Pryor. The skit was written by comedian Paul Mooney.

7. Mel Gibson
He's insulted Jews, verbally and, allegedly, physically abused his baby momma, and generally made a total asshole out of himself for most of the past decade. Does anybody really think uttering the N-word as part of his heavy-breathing nuthouse diatribe will sink this guy any lower? Somebody should ask Sergeant Murtaugh.

6. Tiger Woods
Ok, so maybe Tiger is technically black or Asian or Blasian or whatever they're calling mixed race people these days, but he should get a pass. Actually, on second thought, Tiger saying the N word would probably make us more uncomfortable than a Caucasian saying it.
5. Robert Downey Jr./ C. Thomas Howell
Two actors who are part of a brotherhood of white boys who pretended to be black in movies. Downey was funny in Tropic Thunder while Howell was mostly embarrassing in the 1980s dud Soul Man. Honorable mention in this category goes to Gene Wilder in Silver Streak.

4. Kim Kardashian
Another not technically white person, Kim makes this list because, let's face it, her rump can only be described as a "black booty." Also, she dated Reggie Bush and made a sex tape with Ray J. We cheated on this one--we got the idea for Kim from the Root's list of "The Blackest White Folks We Know."

3. Randy Marsh (aka Matt Stone and Trey Parker, aka the guys who do South Park)
The "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson" episode of South Park is the closest thing to hit on the absurdity surrounding the N word controversy since the SNL skit decades ago. In the episode, Randy Marsh mistakenly announces the N word on Wheel of Fortune, after being given the clue "people who annoy you" and the following spelled out--N _ G G E R S. The answer was NAGGERS.

2. Abe Lincoln
Not only did he lead the way toward emancipation but he rocked the silly top hat and awkward beard that only a black man could make look cool.

1. Rush Limbaugh
We don't think there would be much of an uproar since many of us believe he's already thinking it, even if he hasn't said it in public. Think that's harsh. Check these quotes.

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