Tonight: Beer for Bicycles!

Friends, the day of deliverance is come. Just last week, someone posted a comment on the Bike Blog suggesting that downtown club PS14 had a weekly drink special for bicyclists.

- By the way, what's up with there not being a good word for people who ride bicycles? ‘Cyclists?’ Woof. Maybe we should use the Spanish version, ‘ciclistas’ – makes it sound like a movement, don’t you think? -

Anyway, the rumor certainly justified some investigative journalism, so the Bike Blog dropped all sorts of important work and rode down to PS14 in search of truth. Truth, and beer.

We hereby confirm the rumor: bring your bicycle to PS14 on Wednesdays, and get $1 beers from ten till midnight. There’s only one catch (aint there always): you have your choice of Presidente Light or Colt 45. The Bike Blog heartily recommends the former over the latter.

The idea for the weekly “bike party” came from party promoter, dude-around-town, and avid BMX collector Joel Meinholz.

“I used to party all the time,” Menholz explained to a Presidente Light-imbibing Bike Blog last Wednesday. “And then I ran out of money partying. So I started throwing parties.”

Fair enough. So hop on your bike, ride over to PS14, and make the round trip . . . more enjoyable.

-- Isaiah Thompson

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