Toddler Injured in SUV Hit and Run

​You have to be pretty cold-hearted to hit a pedestrian with a vehicle and speed off, but to hit a little girl and not stay at the scene? Wow. Two-year-old Natalie Garcia was walking with her teenage sister on a sidewalk in Southwest Miami-Dade when an SUV jumped the curb and hit her.

A witness tracked the driver of the SUV down, and told her that she hit a little girl. She didn't go back, but police found her at her house.

Garcia is recovering at the Miami Children's Hospital with a broken limb and internal bleeding. [CBS4]

  • Leslie Luma, a veteran Miami firefighter who just returned from a Haiti relief operation, was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. [NBCMiami]
  • A teen who brought a gun to the School of Applied Technology last year and threatened a female classmate will receive 15 days in juvenile detention, probation, and 100 hours of community service. [WSVN]
  • Surveillance video has been released of a robbery of a Merrick Park jewelry store in which three men make off with $100,000 worth of Rolexes. [WSVN]

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Kyle Munzenrieder