Toast the Environment

Earth Day is coming up, and what better way to celebrate (or commiserate) with Mother Earth than by knocking back a few cocktails?

Enter the Green Party. No, not that ranting, hippyish political wing of wingnut Ralph Nader's fantasies. This Green Party is held poolside on Friday nights at the Catalina Hotel (1720 Collins Ave.) on South Beach, and it's anything but crunchy-granola. Think chill beats, swaying bamboo and, yes, even tasty drinks made with sustainably harvested acai berries.

The soiree started back in February, and by the looks of things last night, green really is the new black. Several dozen people showed up by 7:30 to grab a few of the free drinks (open bar for one hour only) and mingle near the handful of booths manned by environmentally-conscious businesses.

Donations to the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach were accepted, and while I had heard rumors of organic appetizers, I saw none. No matter. Lounging poolside, admiring the lush foliage surrounding the pool and sipping a cold Acai-ginger ale on the rocks was the perfect way to end the week. If this is how we can save the environment, I'm all for it. - Tamara Lush

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