Tim "T-Paw" Pawlenty Brings His Boring Presidential Campaign to Miami Today (With Jeb Bush's Support)

Yawn. What's that? Tim Pawlenty is in town today? Who's that? Some boring Republican from Minnesota who's running for president, apparently. He'll be holding a Facebook townhall and a news conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. He also seems to be getting the support of Coral Gables resident Jeb Bush. It's not quite an endorsement yet, but it's looking like that may no be far off.

Pawlenty, if you're not aware, is the former governor of Minnesota, and he just announced his campaign officially on Monday. According to his official Bio he calls himself, "T-Paw" (which is something very important to think about). He also used to be something of a moderate, but is flip-flopping back and forth to appeal to the Republican base. Yet, he's still seen as one of the three more respectable (i.e. not batshit insane) Republicans in the race so far.

According to his Twitter, ol' T-Paw just landed in Miami a few minutes ago. He'll be heading to the Biltmore, and at 1:30 p.m. he'll be holding a Facebook townhall from the hotel. Then he'll be holding a news conference.

Jeb Bush coincidentally praised Pawlenty on his Twitter earlier this morning, writing, "I admire truth telling and t-paw sure did it to open his campaign." He then linked to this Wall Street Journal editorial.

We have no idea if that means J-Bu is going to endorse T-Paw to take on B-Ob in 2012 (possibly today at this news conference?). There's still a lot of other Republican candidates getting their campaigns together like Mitt-Ro and Jo-Hunt. Though, early support from J-Bu could go along way for T-Paw in capturing Florida in the primary.

As you know Sen. M-Rub is not going to endorse anyone in the primary. Meanwhile, Gov. R-Sco's endorsement, with his unpopularity, may not mean much. Obviously, no one wants C-Cri's endorsement. So J-Bu's is the most important in Fla.

Though, in the end we predict that J.Lo may walk away with the Republican nomination.

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