Thursday Is Gizmodo Day; Celebrate, South Florida-Style

We're big fans of finding new ways to celebrate tech. And when it's a social networking opportunity where it's actually OK to pull out a smart phone and text/tweet/email in unison, that's just a bonus. Techies can once again unite, because this Thursday officially has been named Gizmodo Day

For those of you not in the loop, Gizmodo is a technology blog about everything consumer electronics-related and has been around since 2002. But before you shrug it off and think, Oh, it's just another tech blog, they've gotten several big scoops, including the most recent iPhone 4 prototype. They now republish around the world, with their content being translated in eight languages.

Gizmodo's staff in New York, San Francisco, and London will organize meetups at precisely 7 p.m. EDT tomorrow and are having their loyal readers

organize them everywhere else. As you might imagine, there are quite a

few tech enthusiasts in South Florida, so we have two meetups scheduled so far:

one in Miami and one in Fort Lauderdale.

You can RSVP via those meetup links, and if you want to show your Gizmodo love on Facebook, you can RSVP here too. Or follow them on Twitter for the latest event hashtags. Hey, we're all about equal-opportunity social-media sharing here.

The specifics of where the Miami meetup will be held haven't been decided yet (cutting it close, guys!), but the Fort Lauderdale folks already have all of their ducks in a row. They'll host Gizmodo Day at Quarterdeck Seafood Bar in Plantation, in case you're swayed to make a trek north. 

Let's show Gizmodo what South Florida is made of. If you send photos to the site from one of the official meetups, you can "earn fame and glory" -- their words, not ours -- by being a part of their Gizmodo Day recap. So far, there are 352 meetups scheduled around the world, with 1,491 RSVPs in 63 countries. Not bad.

We love the opportunity to meet fellow tech enthusiasts as much as the

next guy, but is anyone else wondering what exactly someone does on Gizmodo Day? Is it obligatory to walk in, latest tech gadgets blazing, live-tweeting everything you see, and glancing up from your iPad only to order the next round of drinks? We're just wondering.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.