Three Young Kids Go for a Walk on Florida Highway as Mom Is Busy Having Sex With Neighbor

Crystal Rusaw, a New Port Richey woman, decided to leave her three young kids, all under the age of four, home alone while she snuck over to her neighbor's house for a bit of sex. The kids however decided they didn't want to wait around and went for a stroll and almost ended up walking along the highway. Oh, and Rusaw's boyfriend didn't find out about all of this until he returned from being out of town for the weekend.

According to ABC Action News, the kids left the home, walked down the street, and crossed a busy highway. The three kids range in age from 10-months to just four years-old. A witness finally noticed the four young tots walking alone and stopped them. The 10-month-old was wearing a urine-soaked diaper.

Police were called, and when they interviewed Rusaw, 24, she admitted that she had left them home alone to go have sex with a neighbor. She then fell asleep at the neighbor's house.

Neighbors, however, tell the news station that they see the kids playing out in the street unattended all the time.

Oh, and the kicker in all of this: Rusaw has a boyfriend who didn't know what had happened until a news station asked him. He was out of town.

The kids are now staying with a relative. Rusaw was arrested on three counts of child neglect, but has since bailed out of jail.

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