This Week in 2010 Speculation: Sink for Gov, Crist Still Mum on Senate

It seemed like a foregone conclusion just a few months back that Gov. Charlie Crist would run for a relatively easy re-election. Then in November, the Republicans in Washington got their asses handed to them, and whenever Minnesota decides to get its shit together, the Democrats in the Senate will have a strong 59 seat majority.

So even as the Republicans are telling their base they're going to move more to the right out of one side of their mouth, they're not so secretly wooing RINO of the year Charlie Crist to run for Senate and save their asses. He still hasn't made a public decision, but he seems quite open to it.

Where does that leave Alex Sink -- the state's popular CFO and highest ranking Democrat? Well, she pulled the plug on her own Senate speculation, and seemed poised to re-run for her CFO spot and gear up for a 2014 Gov race. But with Charlie possibly out of the way, the speculation is she may run for Governor in 2010. The St. Pete Times reports that Sink is slyly raising her profile, adding veteran politicos to her staff, and working the all important fund raiser routes. So, yeah, come May should Mr. Crist decide to head to Washington, watch for Sink to become the early front runner in the Governor's race.

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