Just be glad you can't smell it.

This Stinks

Apparently, the kids at William A. Chapman Elementary School in Homestead aren't exactly getting the

"supportive and healthy environment" their school's website promises.

A Chapman source who requested anonymity claims raw sewage has been bubbling up under a "portable" classroom for almost a week. Complaints have gone unheeded so far, the source said.

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The school's portables have been in rough shape for years, the source said, with a backed-up plumbing system only the latest of many problems, including a giant-sized dead rat that stunk up a classroom recently.

The source sent this photo of the view just outside a classroom door to New Times.-Rob Jordan

Update: Shortly after this post appeared, workers from the county health department and the state Department of Environmental Resources Management showed up at Chapman Elementary. Work is under way on the plumbing system, according to the source who reported the problem. In the meantime, bathroom visits will require chaperoned trips to the main building.

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