Things More Popular Than Rick Scott: LeBron James, Gay Marriage

Floridians continue to hate Gov. Rick Scott. In fact, 56 presently disapprove of his job handling, while only 31 percent approve. Things as polarizing as the Miami Heat and gay marriage are actually more popular in the state right now. Public Policy Polling decided to just ask Floridians how they feel about a number of controversial things, and it turns out that nothing even touches Scott in terms of disapproval.

The Miami Heat
According to the poll, 36 percent of Floridians say they're rooting for the Heat. 28 percent say they're not (must be Magic fans?). 35 percent are "not sure." 39 percent of women are rooting for the Heat, and 34 percent of men are (compared to 35 percent of men who say they are not). 47 percent of Democrats are Heat fans, compared to just 29 percent of Republicans. 46 percent of Hispanics, 75 percent of African-Americans and just 29 percent of whites say they're rooting for the Heat.

On the personal level, 32 percent of Floridians say they have a favorable opinion of LeBron James compared to 19 percent who do not. Dwyane Wade's favorability comes in at a 37/9. It's 25/9 for Chris Bosh, 20/7 for Erik Spoelstra. Dwight Howard by the way is at 23/14. When you take away the number of people who have no opinion, he's actually the most hated basketball figure in the state associated with a Florida team. Ouch. No surprise, but ouch.

Gay Marriage
Floridians continues to look stupid on gay marriage and government recognition of gay relationships in general. Remember back in 2008 when 62 percent of voters decided it would be a good idea to ban gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships in the state constitution? Yeah, well turns out, 72 percent now say that gays should have at least some government recognition of their relationships available to them. Thirty-seven percent support full fledged gay marriage. Thirty-five percent think civil unions are OK. Only 26 percent say their should be no legal recognition what so ever. Uh huh.

When asked point blank whether they believe same-sex marriage should be legal or illegal, 42 percent say legal. Forty-five percent say illegal.

Rick Scott
Rick Scott, however, stands alone as the most unpopular thing in all of Florida. His dismal approval numbers are just the start of the problem. 47 percent say they'd vote for little known Democrat Nan Rich in 2014 compared to just 35 percent who would vote for Scott. 50 percent disapprove of "Governor

Scott's push to eliminate some people from the

registered voter rolls." Only 34 percent approve.

Maybe Scott should gay marry two illegally registered voters at halftime of Saturday's Heat game. It might actually improve his image.

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