They Delicately Fed Each Other Cake with Forks


St. Pete Times'

 Lucy Morgan was the only reporter invited to Charlie Crist's


ale wedding, and here she is on

Sayfie Reveiw


Power Play

 Internet teevee show talking about the ceremony. We get exciting new details such as the fact that Charlie did not end up with creamy white frosting on his face because (breaking news!) he and his new bride, Carole Rome, so very delicately fed each other cake with forks.

Morgan originally thought the new Mrs. Crist would be some highfalutin, snotty Tinsely Mortimer-lite, but instead the reporter found Carole to be a warm lady who seemed interested in helping her new groom succeed. Morgan thinks the bride will be a great political asset to Charlie, which is, we assume, the reason he married her in the first place.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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