These Are the Many Faces of the Woman Who Swindled Florida's Men for a Million

Subhanna Beyah has made more than a million bucks on her looks, if police reports are to be believed. Yesterday, New Times published a story about how she's been accused of picking up men in bars, taking them home, and stealing their valuables. Although the woman who went by "Crystal" stole mostly Rolexes, she wasn't strictly dealing in timepieces; the 25-year-old also reportedly took a Cadillac Escalade, 3.5-carat diamonds and credit cards that she used to purchase clothing from the children's store Gymboree.

In all, at least a dozen dudes were swindled, including a 350-pound NFL player for the New York Giants. While alcohol was certainly a factor in the victims' decision-making, one would think Beyah also had to exude at least a little charm.

One comment on our cover story brought up an obvious blunder: We forgot to publish what she looks like. Thanks for the message, random Internet bro. You make a valid point.

Broward Sheriff's Office released a composite drawing of "Crystal" after she separated Robert Cournoyer from about $95,000 worth of stuff in Pompano last March. It doesn't look much like Beyah, admittedly, but the artist did an admirable job considering she's never looked the same in any two photos that have been taken of her.

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Anyway, see for yourself. Some are good; others not so much. Again, very impressed about her sporting different hairstyles in each. We didn't know there were that many hairstyles in general.

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