The Yankees Are in Town! And They Bring Their Prices With Them

Some of the largest crowds of the season are expected at Land Shark Stadium when the Marlins take on the Yankees this weekend and the Marlins' brass hopes to earn some serious coin. Fans interested in catching a glimpse of a 2003 World Series rematch will be subjected to big ticket price hikes.

According to, every section at the former Joe Robbie (Pro Player? Dolphin? Whatever?) stadium is more expensive because of the Bronx Bombers' arrival. And some of the most dramatic increases belong to the spots furthest from the action. Upper Deck seats against the Yankees will cost between $25 and $40 (regularly $12 to $20), Outfield Terrace between $35 and $40 (usually $16 to $21), and the cheapest seats, the Fish Tank, between $25 and $30 ($9 to $12).

Concerned about the rain and want to take cover in the Club Level? Those places regularly cost between $35 and $66, but will cost between $50 and $90 for each of the three games against New York. The Infield Box section, some of the best seats in the stadium and regularly priced between $28 and $58, will increase to prices between $45 and $80.

The seats closest to the field reserved for the celebrities who don't watch Marlins games are normally priced between $85 and $315 and will also see an increase in prices ranging from $125 to $375. All ticket prices will revert back to normal when the Orioles come to town on Tuesday. Take that, Baltimore.

The fans wishing to brave the rain and higher ticket prices will have the option to buy all-you-can-eat Club Level seats for Friday's game. Also, the Marlins will give cowbells to the first 25,000 fans on Saturday and if the crowd's ears aren't already bleeding, fans can stick around for a concert by Tito Nieves of "I Like It Like That" fame after the game.

Despite the price hikes, poor weather forecasts, and incessant cowbells that will even have fans at the game reaching for the mute button, South Florida will be treated to some terrific baseball. Miami's son, A-Rod, headlines a potent New York offense. Hanley Ramirez and Co. aim to build off of the rain-shortened 2-1 victory over the Red Sox, which may be a sign from above that the Marlins' fortunes are turning for the better. And one-time Marlins manager Joe Girardi, who was fired after winning Manager of the Year honors in 2006, returns to no doubt partake in some serious stare down contests with Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria.

There will also be some stellar pitching duels featuring Andy Pettitte versus Sean West on Friday, AJ Burnett versus Josh Johnson on Saturday, and CC Sabathia versus Chris Volstad for Sunday's finale.

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Michael North