The Wino and Gold Jersey Drive, Clothing Miami's Homeless One Cleveland LeBron Jersey at a Time

They say if you want something done right, you just gotta do it yourself.

An inspired drive to deliver Cleveland's unwanted Lebron James jerseys to our local homeless has been stalled by the Miami Coalition for the Homeless due to "politics". Even Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado is said to have thrown his weight around in derailing the drive.

But New Times has never been deterred by politics-- or political correctness. And if you think Miami's homeless don't want Cleveland's old jerseys, just ask Patches.

We're teaming up with Cleveland's alt-weekly, the Scene , to collect as many items of Cleveland LeBron paraphernalia-- jerseys, shirts, sneakers, bobbleheads, pretty much anything that hasn't been burned-- and then distribute it to Miamians in need.

It's the Wino and Gold Jersey Drive. And it's starting now.

Scene is collecting the stuff at its Downtown Cleveland office, and we will have re-distributed the booty before the first game of the NBA season. We're also accepting "Dear LeBron"-- letters and notes from Clevelanders to their former sweetheart-- and will do our best to get them into LeBron's hands.

So pass this on to any Northeast Ohioans, or anybody else you may know who wants nothing further to do with their old LeBron stuff. And if there are any jilted former Clevelanders or Cavs fans who happen to be living in South Florida and want to donate: You are a rare, complex beast. Contact us.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts