The Top Five Phone Apps to Help You Slack Off in School

Whether or not you'd like to think about it, school starts for most high schools and universities on Monday. It's not easy getting back into the campus routine. But don't go crying into your favorite bottle of alcohol and proclaiming that summer was too short just yet. We're here to make your life easier (and possibly much lazier).

We have a way for you to mainstream your academic life, stop you from getting lost on campus or forgetting about a major test, and carry your textbooks -- and all in the palm of your hand.

We searched the web and devised a list of the top five iPhone apps you can use to get back in the groove of academic life and help you get organized. You'll never get lost, lose an internet connection, or lose your books ever again -- well, unless you lose your phone. You're welcome.

University Maps, $1.99
The biggest complaint college freshmen and transfer students have is getting lost. Most orientation packets don't really come with an interactive map, and a lot of times it's hard to track down friends for lunch or a study date on campus. Even we can admit to trying to meet someone on the wrong side of a building once or twice. Cue: University Maps.

With eight of Florida's biggest campuses on their radar, you can consider this your personal school GPS. It will track where you're located on campus, how long it takes to walk, drive or take public transportation to your class, and with more than 400 universities to choose from, it will make getting lost on campus next to impossible -- well, unless you want to. Other features on the app: School directory, campus news, campus sports scores, and local weather.

My Grades, $0.99
Nothing could possibly be more annoying to a student than those lousy percentages. You know, where it says 12% for quizzes or $35% for reports on the syllabus. Most people don't want to figure out all the numbers unless they're math majors, and the guys behind My Grades know that.

The App allows you to keep track of grades without the guesswork (or any real math on your part). It calculates and displays the average grade for each class, calculates grades for individual assignments, recognizes extra credit assignments, and it's all color-coded, to boot. An added bonus? The app is possibly easier to use than a jumbo calculator -- and much more slick than counting with your fingers. 

Auto WiFi, $1.99
Your phone was just about done loading a website, and all of a sudden, boom. Connection lost. We get really annoyed when we suddenly lose an internet connection, too. But now thanks to Auto WiFi, that will no longer be a problem.

The App saves your connection data and automatically signs you in to public hotspots, minus the tedious usernames and passwords. But if you're more about having things for *free*, you can try out Auto WiFi Lite and see if you really like the app before committing to buy. Hey, you shouldn't be committing to too much while you're still in school, anyway.

eTextbooks for the iPhone, Free
We never thought we'd be able to say this: Technology will beat out the rolling backpack -- you know, that larger than life sack that comes equipped with wheels and was the equivalent of the pocket protector for the 21st century. Well, thanks to eTextbooks, now it has.

You can carry your textbooks in the palm of your hand minus the back aches. Once you sign up for a CourseSmart subscription, download the free companion app and get the ball rolling, virtually. Virtual sticky notes, note taking, and virtual highlighting will make keeping up with class a breeze, and you won't have to keep track of any heavy books.

The Daily Tracker, $9.99
We're all busy. But making yourself organized and learning how to time manage absurd class schedules (6 a.m. and 10 p.m. classes, anyone?) can become next to impossible. But the Daily Tracker doesn't just focus on to-do lists and appointments.

The app helps "track" workouts, habits, your goals, medications, expenses, news, monitors progress toward ultimate goals, follows news from your favorite sites, and more. Pretty much anything having to do with your life (1,001 different uses, to be exact) can be tracked with this app, making the hefty $9.99 pricetag sort of worth it in the long run. But if you're on a budget, they also offer the Daily Tracker Lite, a free app to let you test out how productive you can really get if money were no object.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.