The Ten Worst South Florida Sports Moments of 2013

The year 2013 brought us some of the most unimaginable sports moments ever, and some we wish were only in our imagination. From Ray Allen's Game 6 three pointer to tie Game Six, to a FG snap hitting Brandon Fields square in the face, 2013 had a little bit of everything.

Before the New Year rolled in, we celebrated the Eleven Best South Florida Sports Moments of 2013 . This list is exactly like that one, but the complete opposite. Below you will find a few sports moments in 2013 South Florida sports that made us laugh, then cry, then tweet "FML SMH". Enjoy.

That's so Marlins

I mean, Marlins so hard, Marlins, you had one job.

For those of you that are not familiar with the sport of baseball, the above play is illegal, and a rather rare play. A Marlins player desperately running from the place MLB has designated as the "scoring area", then sliding into a place another Marlins player is sliding into, is the most Marlins gif ever -- it really pretty much sums up the last decade of Marlins baseball.

"Pain in the Glass"


During the Panthers-Red Wings game a pane of glass broke behind one of the goals, errr nets, errrrrr whatever, point is -- no big deal, right?

False! Pane of glass? More like pain in the ass, am I right?!

/awkward left hanging high-five attempt

In their hurry to replace the original glass, the Panthers broke the back-up replacement glass on it's way to the field, ice circle thing. They then had no choice but to resort to putting in the third-string glass . Problem is, the backup -backup glass was ill prepared for his shot at the big time, and had not been peeled of it's protective covering in advance, a process that takes a little bit of time, time Panthers fan did not have. Fans seated right behind this glass soon found themselves sitting behind a door, not a window to the action -- RED TEMPERS RISING!

As you can imagine, "door seats" are less in demand than "floor seats", and absolute outrage ensued.

Well, for Panthers fans, that was pretty pissed off.


Just this. This is a thing that continues to happen. Just in general, this, is a not top play from 2013. Stop encouraging him, I'm begging you.

Confetti - 1 Bosh - 0

Oh, Boshua Q. Bear, you so silly Boshy Bear, you. You can always count on Chris Bosh providing a handful of hilarious, sometimes unfortunate, gifs every year, it's like Hurricane Season, you just never know how strong and frequent. This is now one of the more memorable moments from last years championship trophy presentation, the time Chris Bosh had the worst first world problem ever, championship celebration confetti stuck on his lip.

"Chad Falls"

That moment the Marlins did something worth celebrating, then instantaneously, within a matter of seconds, turned it into one of the best fail gif moments of the year. Chad Qualls entire body was not equipped to deal with the excitement Chad Quall's body was feeling, so Chad Qualls body shut-down, hard.

Points for the recovery though, Qualls took the fall like a trained Olympic Alpine skier, then kept his head down, possibly in hopes his roll had rendered him invisible.

That time we almost killed our basketball team.

Oh, I remember this moment, this is the only time in my life that I've shit my entire pants, while at the same time, being aroused. I don't know how you're livin', but that was pretty memorable for me. During the Miami Heat championship parade the players were all like "weeeeeeeeee, haha, I got you wet with my super soa......BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDGEEEE!!!!"

Longest second of your life.

I'm no Beautiful Mind, but the sign on the bridge clearly states "Clearance:14 feet 6 inches". It seems to me the bus is about, say, 10 feet tall, and the players are about seven feet tall, so someone poorly planned here.

Mario Chalmers injured by a bridge while LeBron smokes a cigar, actually, that doesn't sound as bad when you type it, huh.


"The kick is up, it's goooooooooooooood!!!! MIAMI HAS THE DOLPHINS, THE GREATEST FOOTBALL....."

/record screeches to halt

Nooooooooooooope! No, they do not. TD didn't get the memo. The Dolphins lost to the Ravens 26-23, and in fact, did not tie the game this kick. I imagine TD was very embarrassed after this, more so than, like, the normal embarrassment one feels after prancing around wearing a stuffed dolphin head on your face for three hours.

Never let go of the rope.

If this was you, you just have it own it at this point, and even worse, live with it. Down five with 28.2 seconds remaining, some Heat fans let go of the rope.

Just then, Ray Allen let you know, go ahead, leave -- and take that motherf****** yellow rope the entire f*** with you!


Fans who paid thousands for tickets, found themselves watching the ending on a tiny TV through the Heat shop window, and even worse, with Channel 10's Will Manso standing behind them, just judging the shit out of them.

Miami Dolphins 2013: The Year of the Face Fumble.

The fail gif to end all fail gif's, IN THE FACE!!!! Dolphins punter Brandon Fields pretty much summed this one up when he said afterwards "Thank God for face masks".

My favorite part of this epic fail is the slow motion Brandon Fields "waaaaaaaaaaaa????" face as the ball hilariously bounces off his dome, just such a perfect Dolphins gif, that sums up their entire meaning in life really.


"Bullygate", a memory no Dolphins fan will ever soon forget. What started as a rogue Dolphins player that seemingly couldn't cut it, ended on CNN, Good Morning America, Ellen, hell, probably Duck Dynasty at some point. We still aren't completely sure what happened, but we are completely sure both players will never play for the Dolphins again.

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