The Ten Strangest Responses to Rick Scott's Facebook Fill-in-the-Blank Game

So Gov. Rick Scott, or whoever it is that controls his social media accounts, took to Facebook last night and asked Floridians to play a fun little game of fill-in-the-blank about the legislative session so far. With over 300 replies so far, Scott, who has some of the lowest approval numbers of any governor in the country, didn't quite get the response he was looking for. Here are 10 of the most ridiculous.


Yeah! And while you're at it pass some laws to get rid of all those laws, and create new taxes to lower taxes, and while you're at it create an official State Department of Eliminating State Departments!


Eighteen hours and still not censored!


In case you need proof there are people on the Internet freely throwing around accusations of Marxism without understanding what Marxism is, here you are.


"Yeah, who are all these loser with time on their hands to take five seconds to comment on Facebook?" asks the man commenting on Facebook.


Pretty sure this exceeds the one word limit, stupid auto correct!!!!




But would you piss in a cup if he asked?


Pretty sure this isn't the first time a desperate 18-year-old has solicited a wealthy older man for work online.


To be fair, Scott did not as for real words.



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