Since the Return of Dwyane Wade, Heat Games Are Events Again
Photo by George Martinez

Since the Return of Dwyane Wade, Heat Games Are Events Again

If there's one thing Miami is known for in the sports world, it's being an event town. Sometimes that event is one night. Sometimes it lasts four years. Occasionally, it comes out of nowhere and is a must-see.

Down on Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Heat games have suddenly become events again.

The Heat is must-see TV again. That's what the numbers show. And if the soaring ticket prices for the lone home game Dwyane Wade has played since his return to the Heat are any indication, the days of scoring a $10 ticket including taxes are definitely over.

Before Wade returned to the Heat in a stunning trade-deadline deal that cost the Heat only a heavily protected 2024 second-round pick, the games were losing their luster. After all, the team was on a losing streak, and the must-watch aspect seemed to be gone. The Heat lacked that "it" factor that draws in the average fan.

The return of the greatest athlete to ever play sports in South Florida has changed all of that for at least the immediate future. And if all goes well, it'll continue for months to come.

Wade — whether or not you believe he's washed up — is a star in Miami. People pay the price of admission to watch him play basketball. They tune in to see if he's having a good or bad night. He moves the needle. Hassan Whiteside doesn't do that. Goran Dragic doesn't do that. Nobody on the Heat is on that level.

Wade is a walking, talking, basketball-playing event. Heat fans watched Cleveland Cavaliers games simply to see how Wade was faring. They scoffed at the way he was treated in Chicago. They care about him. And now he's back in their town, playing for their team.

Regardless of wins and losses, Wade has already given Heat fans a gift this season: He's brought back a buzz only he is capable of bringing.

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