"The Prince of Salsa" Luis Enrique's Miami Home Burglarized

Nicaragua-born musician Luis Enrique, hailed as the Prince of Salsa, returned to his Miami home earlier this week after promoting his latest album in Puerto Rico only to find that his home had been ransacked and burglarized. A window had been broken, and furniture in the home had been moved.

"It's a very strange feeling knowing that a stranger has entered the most sacred thing you have that is your home," Enrique said in the statement.

The burglar made off with thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, and some sentimental personal items.

"I have to say I'm very fortunate because if I was there, alone or with my son, it would have been a terrible incident," he said. "I thank God that nothing worse happened."

In fact, the multiple Latin Grammy winner seems to be taking a rather zen approach to the whole affair.

"Materials do not matter and can be replenished in some way. The real value is that of life. There are also people who have been through a lot worse situations than this, so I have to be grateful."

We guess it's really hard to stay mad when you make your living playing salsa music.

The statement didn't mention what part of Miami his home is in, which is probably a smart thing considering he'll be traveling to Washington D.C. next month to perform at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus event and probably doesn't want any more unexpected visitors while he's away.

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