The Power Plate: Good Vibrations for the Exercise-Challenged

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Exercising is a lot like white stretch pants and Hollywood -- it ain’t for everybody. Sure, sweatin’ to the oldies sounds fun, but doesn’t chillin’ to Top 40 sound just as tempting? But as relaxing as the gradual atrophy of your bones and muscles can be, physical fitness has been proven to be the way to go. And the latest savior in the world of exercise is the Power Plate, a space-age machine that gives amazing results.

You stand, sit, lunge, squat, or whatever on this vibrating platform and the pulsations do all the work, multiplying the results you would get without the machine. The physical benefits run the gamut from reducing cellulite to strength building to tissue repair. And since no product is a good one until a celebrity is a fan, Sting, Madonna, and Hilary Swank are admirers, and countless NBA and NFL teams (including our Dolphins) are Power Plate devotees.

A twenty-minute workout gives the equivalent of an hour's worth of weight-training; sweat is at a minimum; and you can do it in your street clothes; now what’s your excuse for avoiding a workout? Could it be the $4,500 price tag of the machine? Could be, but Power Fit Studios is offering the first session free -- a session that will be sure to have you hooked (and shaking). --Raina McLeod

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