Tyrese came out to The Forge’s elite Soul Kitchen Sunday party with Busta, Fabolous, Meagan Goode, Dontrelle Willis and James Posey nearby.

The Party Crasher - The Forge’s Soul Kitchen Sunday Party Hosts Fabolous, Busta, Tyrese, Dontrelle Willis and others

Fried chicken and waffles wasn’t the only star appearance made last night at The Forge’s “Soul Kitchen Sunday” party. The headlining end-of-weekend event hosted a handful of celebs last night, continuing last week’s party of welcoming 2008. Shelling out for more than just good company, hip-hop artists Fabolous and Busta Rhymes, actors Tyrese and Meagan Good and ballers Dontrelle Willis and James Posey came out to show some love for the first of the elite Sunday parties of the New Year. The crew headed into the infamous hotspot Glass, where they sipped, lounged and danced to an impressive playlist of old and new school jams. While everyone else was busy preparing for the return to school and work, the somebodies continued “working” on livin’ the good life... -- Tracy Block

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