Pauly Shore joins in the fun at The Forge “Dulce de Leche” swimwear show in true ball-busting style.

The Party Crasher - The Forge Hosts Hot Sausage Fest of Swimwear and Celebs

We all know how hard the party rocks over at The Forge on Wednesday night, but in light of bathing suit season, folks turned up the heat with a super-sexy male swimwear “Dulce de Leche” fashion show. Although I’m not too sure how many guests were thrilled about ogling sausages while forking their meat, a few familiar males came out to show love for the Wednesday night fete. Forge regulars Hulk Hogan, Pauly Shore and Brett Ratner were sure to have eyes traveling from the catwalk. In true comedic style, Shore ventured over to the Saks 5th Avenue Style Villa where he modeled a slim piece of swimwear for onlookers to cackle at. Hogan and Ratner sat tight, although seeing The Hulkster trying on one of those teeny bikinis probably would have been as disturbing as checking out Rosie O’Donnell in a hot pink thong... Check, please! -- Tracy Block

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