The Party Crasher - The Celebs Hit The Town Saturday

Manny Hernandez

Even superstars carry knapsacks. Dr. Dre leaves Equinox Fitness Club with his bag of tricks after a private sesh with famous body builder Stan Mcquay.

This past weekend, A-listers like Kate Hudson and Demi Moore were in town to welcome back the Miami International Film Festival, gracing the SoBe scene and screen with their presence. Among other stars in town for the fest was none other than the Academy Award-winning Cuba Gooding Jr., who is always down for a good time. Taking down more than a couple Heinekens at RokBar, the actor – who entered nonchalantly – was sure to make his presence known. He took over one of the VIP tables and worked his magic ‘til 3 a.m.

Up the street from RokBar, Dr. Dre was having a private party – at the gym. The producer/rapper/master lyricist is taking up more than a healthy habit in getting fit. Dre was bulking up in a personal training sesh at Equinox Fitness Club with famous body builder Stan Mcquay. The workout was no easy feat for Dre, who took the punishment like a champ. Hopefully, the music mogul is working out a case of creator’s block, because we’d love to see him out of the ‘roid zone and back in the studio.

Dr. Robert Rey of Dr. 90210 partied at Opium Garden Saturday, March 1st promoting his Shapewear line.

As the slew of stars keeps pouring in by the bunches, E!’s Dr. Robert Rey of Dr. 90210 hit South Beach in a big bad way Saturday night at Opium Garden. In town to promote his new line Shapewear, the plastic surgeon to the stars was sure to show off his styles on plenty of sexy models, clad in the fitted ensembles (avid fans include Hollywood hotties Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and Bai Ling). In addition to seductresses sporting Shapewear, Rey wasn’t too much of an eyesore himself. Hollywood’s handler was outfitted in a chic and shiny gray suit with a perfectly coiffed ‘do including a fresh batch of highlights. Just because you leave the zip code doesn’t mean you let your guard down, especially in the looks department, right Dr. Rey? Friendly to the lady local fans who partied all night alongside him, Rey showed off some dance moves to jams by Jackson 5 and Jay Z. The doctor couldn’t stay away from his babies long... he was spotted carrying his “props” throughout Opium, breast implants and forceps in hand. Can’t this guy take a break?

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