Pamela Anderson partied at Pangaea in the Seminole Paradise at the Hard Rock over the weekend with a few close friends, a drag queen and an animal activist.

The Party Crasher - Pamela Does Pangaea

None other than notorious bed warmer Pamela Anderson was in town this past weekend taking a few days off from her life’s drama, as she checked into the Filmore Suite in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. The starlet was in town for the 3-year anniversary party of the Seminole Paradise’s Pangaea Nightclub. Arriving at the hotel on Thursday, the seductress had plans of R & R for her weekend in the sun, especially by the pool with her posse. The Pangaea hostess headed out with a bang on Friday in a bombshell Fendi ensemble sporting her signature jugs as usual. She arrived at the club around 1 a.m. surrounded by a small crew who poured Grey Goose and Three Olives cocktails and she sipped champagne while mingling with the casino manager for quite some time. Anderson was accompanied by local Amazon Elaine Lancaster and the vice president of PETA during her stay in South Florida. Although the lady in drag did her best to attract as much attention as possible, Anderson sat calm and collected, not even giving up her spot in the VIP section to dance to a track or two. With much attention focused on the failure of her third marriage and rumors of a bun in the oven, Anderson wasn’t even able to enjoy some well-deserved hard liquor ... or maybe she wasn’t indulging because of the O.B.G.Y.N.’s orders. -- Tracy Block

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