The Party Crasher – Miami Ink’s Chris Garver at the Grand Opening of SoBe’s J. Fishkicks

The latest trend in feet fashion was celebrated Wednesday night when Jason Fishbein, owner and creator of J. Fishkicks hosted a grand opening party at his new one-of-a-kind shoe boutique on SoBe. Guests and VIPs were treated to a signature cocktail called “the kick,” ladled out punch-style, while DJ Obscene cranked out jams to set the mood. Miami Ink’s Chris Garver was in attendance to show off his addition to the J. Fishkicks collection, a signature pair of sneaks boasting original tattoo art from the inker. The black hand-painted pair retails for a whopping $2,700 and Garver was kind enough to autograph his design, as to give off the impression some people consider him some sort of novelty. The most expensive pair of kicks anticipated to hit the glass-encased storefront is a $5,000 pair, which hasn’t made its way to the store just yet. Instead of wasting money on blow and VIP bottle service this holiday season, head to J, Fishkicks so you can be part of the cool crowd, sporting your very own overpriced pair of custom, blinged-out Vans or Nikes.

Tracy Block

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