Seth Browarnik/Red Eye Productions
Dwyane Wade is celebrated by Ocean Drive’s Jerry Powers and others with a private dinner party and late-night Mokai fiesta Wednesday, April 9.

The Party Crasher - Dwyane Wade is Celebrated, and for Good Reason

A special, notorious MIA somebody’s night kicked off being showered with love at a private dinner party hosted by Ocean Drive’s president Jerry Powers. The one-and-only Dwyane Wade has had quite the busy week. After attending an Art for Life Miami gala Saturday night, the all-star took some time off – maybe shot some hoops – and prepped for his big night of admiration. Guests of Wade’s Table 8 feast, which Executive Chef Govind Armstrong flew in especially for, included Alonzo Mourning, George and Darlene Perez, Scott Rothstein, Michael Carey, Wade’s pop and a few of his siblings from his ginormous family.

After some great eats at his personal, yet intimate banquet, Wade and company headed over to Miami nightspot Mokai for the April Ocean Drive cover party, which Wade graces with the utmost Miami style. Accompanied by Heat mates Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks, the b-ballers partied it up and were later joined by T.O. for that extra kick. Sippin’ on Platino cocktails and Peroni beer, Wade and his posse entertained fans with photo ops, proving, once again to be the complete opposite of a snooty Miami a-hole, which more than the majority of our upperclass population around here seem to be. Cheers to you, D. Wade... Miami never loved another icon or hero as much as you... How does it feel? -- Tracy Block

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