The Orange Bowl Could Become a Playoff Game Every Other Year

So here's the bad news: Miami will likely no longer be hosting the BCS Championship game every four years. Here's the good news: The Orange Bowl is no longer in danger of total irrelevance and will likely become part of a long-awaited college football playoff system. BCS commissioners have reached a consensus to adopt a four-team playoff system to be implemented by the 2014 season. Though, no final deal has yet been reached. 

BCS commissioners, finally realizing that their current system is, well, messy at best, endorsed the four-team playoff system at a meeting late yesterday. Under the new system the two semifinals games would rotate each year between the four current BCS bowls: Orange, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar. So it seems like Miami and Sun Life Stadium will be seeing a semifinals game every other year. 

According to ESPN, the actual BCS Championship Game would be awarded to the highest bidding city. Details of that process haven't been released yet (if they've even been worked out), but we suppose Miami could still bid for the game. Which is good news considering the NFL doesn't seem keen on giving us another Super Bowl anytime soon. 

The four teams playing would be selected by committee (i.e. not a computer), with things like strength of schedule, season record, and conference championships taking into account. 

Though, other formats will likely be discussed before the plan is finalized. The BCS presidential oversight committee must approve of the plan. They meet June 26th in Washington, D.C. 

Though the current BCS system awards the national championship game to Miami every four years (including this upcoming season), the actual Orange Bowl (one of the second oldest college football bowl games in the country) hasn't exactly fared well under the system in recent years. That's thanks in large part to its exclusive agreement with the ACC, which has produced some of less interesting and lowest ranked BCS games in the past few years. 

There's no details yet on what the Orange Bowl would look like in years it's not hosting a semifinal, or where the ACC champ will be playing when it is. 

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