The Mystery of Ricky Williams' Banned Twitter Updates

Liberty City native Chad Ochocinco was fined $25,000 this weekend for using Twitter during the Bengal's pre-season game against the Eagles. Apparently, using social media or electronic devices during games or practices is banned by the NFL. Now Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is in hot water after updates appeared on his Twitter during a Dolphins practice. Williams says he wasn't tweeting, so who was?

The handful of Tweets about things like the movie Inception, applying sunscreen, and dreadlocks appeared yesterday when Williams was at practice with the Dolphins. The Herald reports that Williams says it wasn't him updating his own verified account, and that it would be near impossible for Williams to have updated the account during practice without a coach noticing. Though, all the tweets are written in the first person.

So who was updating Ricky's Twitter?

  • Is it possible that Williams has taken a page out of Hugo Chavez's Twitter book and hired a staff to update his account for him?
  • Perhaps, in true Inception-style, Williams was actually Tweeting from an alternative dream reality within another dream reality? Is your mind blown?
  • Maybe William's Twitter has gained sentience of its own and is self-updating?
  • Or perhaps the Tweets are the work of William's cut-off dreadlocks, or at least the small creatures living inside of them.
  • Could Ronnie Brown have hacked the account and wanted William's embarrassed so he could get more playing time?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.