The Miami Dolphins Need to Find Some Swagger This Offseason
Photo by Ian Witlen

The Miami Dolphins Need to Find Some Swagger This Offseason

It's been almost a month since the Miami Dolphins lost 22-14 in their season finale against the Buffalo Bills on New Year's Eve. It feels like four months, though.

By the time the Dolphins play another game that counts eight months from now, it will feel like they last played football three years ago. That's what happens when your team limps to a 6-10 finish in a season that will be remembered for nothing more than a coach doing cocaine on video.

For fans, the feeling is far too familiar. One season ends with a wet fart, and there is no reason to look forward to the upcoming one months away. It's a terrible way to live life.

This offseason, the Dolphins front office needs to revamp the franchise — not make tweaks, not pretend they are close, not draft an offensive guard in the first round. Drag all old files to the trash. Install swagger. Restart.

The Fins need to add speed. They need to add personality. They need to at least look exciting. Fans would consider that an improvement. There are many ways to lose ten games a season, and the Dolphins have already figured out all the most boring ways.

Change it up. Draft an exciting quarterback prospect like Lamar Jackson or Baker Mayfield. Go for it. Take a damn chance. Be different.

Find more ways to use blur-on-the-field wide receiver Jakeem Grant. He's proven enough to get the touches. He's fun.

Re-sign Jarvis Landry and get rid of Ndamukong Suh. Be special on offense. For once, try to be the best at something.

Draft Miami Hurricanes players such as running back Mark Walton. We're sick of seeing Canes play well for other pro teams.

Hell, invent your own gimmick like the Canes' turnover chain. You're in Miami. See if you can borrow the original. Seriously.

Do whatever it takes to make Adam Gase feel as if he doesn't need to be conservative because if something goes wrong, he might lose his job. Empty the clip. Every Sunday. No more Matt Moore. Have sex in a different position for once in your life!

This is Miami, a place known for doing things differently, a place that has flair. The Dolphins need to better represent their city. Be exciting. Be different. And never apologize for it even when it blows up in your face.

The Miami Dolphins need swagger. It's time to change that fact this offseason. It's long overdue.

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