The Marlins Believe You’re Just Being Silly If You Think Any Lead Is Safe Against Them

Now it’s just getting ridiculous. The Marlins continue to prove that no lead is safe against them, no matter the competition, no matter the odds. With the NL East leading Mets in town, the Fish took the first game of a three-game set last night with yet another tap the opponent’s nuts with a sledgehammer come-from-behind victory. With Dan “The God of Thunder” Uggla leading the way, the Marlins rallied in the eighth inning to the tune of five runs, turning a 3-2 deficit into a 7-3 victory.

The win erases the Mets lead, while the Phillies are a half game behind them and the Marlins just one game behind. So thanks to the Marlins’ refusal to lose and the Mets’ and Phillies’ refusal to take hold of the division, the top of the NL East is a veritable mishmash of teams vying for first place. A hodgepodge, if you will. A jumble. A clutter. A big fucking mess. The NL East remains up for grabs. And the only thing Philly and New York should know from here on out is that no lead is safe.

- Chris Joseph

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